About Eurobébé

The Eurobébé concept is the brainchild of one European based mama and her South African based mama business partner.

Eurobébé is a European based fashion, interior and decor sourcer as well as merchants in import and export of baby and toddler goods.

Eurobébé SA was created when our European based business mama had her second-born child and our SA based business mama had her first-born. When shopping for our children in South Africa, we struggled to find products that were akin to the Instagram feeds and Pinterest posts of our  European mama friends.

Our love for design and decor as well as all things baby brought about the birth of our brand, Eurobébé SA because,well, why should we let the European mamas have all the fun?

Our signature look draws inspiration from Scandinavian design. We specialize in sourcing the best and latest in European baby and toddler fashion that will complement your lifestyle and your home.It is our aim to bring these new and popular fashions back to our beloved home country, South Africa at the best and most comparable rates possible.